Sunday, December 14, 2008

Save our Future..!!

Was thinking of writing about this topic since long...but the discussion which I had with my client yesterday inspired me again to give it a thought..
Its not a new was discussed many times in forums, was discussed many times in family chit-chats...
I was talking to my client about the changes coming to women are coming forward, how they are progressing at professional front by balancing personal life..She was very much impressed about this revolution in India.
But when the topic came about kids and their upbringings...I had to take back..
Personally I feel ,today kids are not getting proper time of their both the parents are working and busy in attaining their goal in this competitive world.
Yeah..I do agree , today parents are capable of meeting their ward's materialistic needs but what about the quality time which a kid should get..??
Due to nuclear family structure kids are not aware of grand parents,their love and attachment..

When I see my past my mom is a house wife ..we used to find her all the time beside us...if one or the other day she is not at home we used to miss her a lot..this makes me think of situation of today's kids who hardly find their parents with them when they need them..!

Once talking with my old land lady..she confronted me with the fact..she children are grown older but still they are so obedient and gives us respect that they would not even utter a single word if I scold them in front of their kids..
This is because I have sacrificed my time, my carrier for my kids and they realize that..
Today you people have money but you don't have time to spend with your kids..and materialstic things not gonna bring this respect for you..
And this is the fact, as I see today kids behaving with their parents...they are getting more self centered , arrogant and disrespectful towards their elders.

Is this a one more step towards westrnization of our culture where kids sue their parents for small issues..?
Is this the time to decide on priorities in or kids?
I know exceptions are there...but I am talking here about majority..
Kids are future of any country..if we do not take care of them today we surely gonna have worst tomorrow..for family as well as for the country..!!

Even it makes me think of my carrier and kids...but as per me...I will go for the responsibilty if I am capable of making 100% justice to it..else not..afterall its parents who bring new lives to this world so they completely owns the responsibity to make that life succussful..isn't it?? :-)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

coming sooonnn....

Coming soonnn..!!!